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Regulatory Information

Quadrant materials are commonly used in processing equipment and products requiring various types of regulatory compliance, whether it is with respect to procedures for

  • handling or working with the materials in a safe manner (Product Handling Information Sheets)
  • contact with food or drinking water (Regulations (EC) 1935/2004 and (EU) 10/2011, FDA, WRAS, KTW, ACS, ...)
  • restrictions on the use of hazardous substances (RoHS, REACH, GADSL, customer lists, ...)
  • biocompatibility (USP, ISO 10993)

or other specific regulatory requirements.

From the early stages of product development through the industrial manufacture of its stock shapes and finished products, Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products - in close co-operation with its raw material suppliers - routinely checks and works to assure its products meet regulatory requirements as much as possible. In this way, we can offer designers the broadest range of candidate materials.

Statements concerning the European Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 (REACH)

  • In the view of the latest update of the ECHA Candidate List of Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC)


Polyethylene Products

General Engineering Plastic Products

Advanced Engineering Plastic Products

Quadrant Products for the Life Science Market (LSG) 

Quadrant Products for the Food Contact Market (Food Grade)

Advanced Engineering Plastic SP Products

Product Handling Information Sheet

This database includes the Product Handling Information Sheets (PHIS) for the engineering plastics marketed by Quadrant EPP.

According to the “REACH” Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council dated 18 December 2006, a Safety Data Sheet shall be provided by the supplier of a substance or a preparation to the recipient of the substance or preparation (as stipulated in article 31 of the said regulation). Our semi-finished and finished products, however, are under REACH not considered as substances or preparations but as “articles” for which a Safety Data Sheet is not required. However, as a basic rule we want to continue supplying our customers with adequate information on the handling of our semi-finished and finished products and have therefore developed ‘Product Handling Information Sheets’ (PHIS) for our different materials.

Polyethylene Plastic ProductsGeneral Engineering       Plastic ProductsAdvanced/ Extreme Plastic ProductsLife Science Grades

TIVAR® DrySlide

Ertalon® 6 SA

Duratron® CU60 PBI



Ertalon® 66 SA

Duratron® D7000 PI

Ketron® LSG CA30 PEEK

TIVAR® Cestidur

Ertalon® 4.6

Duratron® D7015G PI

Ketron® LSG GF30 PEEK


Ertalon® 66 GF30

Duratron® T4203 PAI

Ketron® LSG PEEK

TIVAR® Ceram P

Ertalon® 6 PLA

Duratron® T4301 PAI

Quadrant® LSG PPSU

TIVAR® SuperPlus

Ertalon® 6 XAU+

Duratron® T4501 PAI

Duratron® LSG PEI


Ertalon® LFX

Duratron® T4503 PAI

Quadrant® LSG PSU

TIVAR® Burnguard

Nylatron® MC 901

Duratron® T5530 PAI

Quadrant® LSG PC

TIVAR® CleanStat black

Nylatron® GSM

Ketron® 1000 PEEK

Acetron® LSG


Nylatron® GS

Ketron® HPV PEEK


TIVAR® 1000 EC

Nylatron® SLG PA6

Ketron® GF30 PEEK


Nylatron® NSM

Ketron® CA30 PEEK

TIVAR® Oil Filled

Nylatron® 703 XL

Ketron® TX PEEK

TIVAR® SurfaceProtect

Ertacetal® C

Techtron® PPS

TIVAR® ChainLine

Ertacetal® H

Techtron® HPV PPS

TIVAR® Cestigreen

Ertacetal® H-TF

Quadrant® PPSU

TIVAR® XtendedWear

Ertacetal® C ELS

Duratron® U1000 PEI


Acetron MD®

Quadrant® 1000 PSU

Borotron® UH015


Fluorosint® 207

Borotron® UH030

Ertalyte® TX

Fluorosint® 500

Borotron® UH050

Quadrant® 1000 PC

Fluorosint® HPV

Borotron® HM015


Fluorosint® MT-01

Borotron® HM030

Semitron® ESd 225

Borotron® HM050

Semitron® ESd 410C

TIVAR® 1000


Semitron® ESd 500HR

TIVAR® 1000 antistatic

Semitron® ESd 520HR

TIVAR® ECO green
TIVAR® ECO black antistatic

PE 500


TIVAR® BlueLine



RCH 500

RCH 1000

TIVAR® VisiLiner

Please consult us for more information.

Declarations of Conpliance


This database includes a copy of the Declarations of Compliance (DOC) for the "Food Grade" engineering plastics marketed by Quadrant EPP.

Within its portfolio of "Food Grade" engineering plastics, specifically developed for applications in the food processing industries, Quadrant offers a wide range of stock shapes for machining with Declaration of Compliance according to Regulations (EC) 1935/2004 and (EU) 10/2011.


"Food Grade" 

Polyethylene Plastic Products

"Food Grade" 

General Engineering Plastic Products

"Food Grade"

Advanced Engineering Plastic Products

TIVAR® 1000 natural

Ertalon® 6 SA natural

Ketron® 1000 PEEK natural

TIVAR® 1000, blue 7020

Ertalon® 66 SA natural

Ketron® 1000 PEEK black

TIVAR® 1000, green 3010

Ertalon® 6 PLA natural

Ketron® TX PEEK

TIVAR® 1000 antistatic

Ertalon® 6 PLA blue

Techtron® HPV PPS

TIVAR® Cestidur

Nylatron® MD

Quadrant® PPSU black

TIVAR® DS yellow

Ertacetal® C natural


Ertacetal® C blue 50


TIVAR® CleanStat black

Ertacetal® C black 90



Ertacetal® C black


TIVAR® 1000 EC

Acetron® MD



Ertalyte® natural


Ertalyte® black


PE 500 natural

Ertalyte® TX


PE 500, blue 7020

PE 500, green 3111