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Moderate Temperature Materials (<80 °C)

TIVAR® UHMW-PE Standard Products

Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products focuses on innovation by modification of TIVAR 1000 standard materials in order to meet specific market requirements. In less demanding applications with respect to wear and impact resistance. PE 500...


TIVAR® Speciality Products

TIVAR Speciality Grades offer improved sliding and wear properties, static dissipative characteristics, enhanced release properties and other improved characteristics.


Borotron® UH/MH

Borotron UH015/030/050 and Borotron HM015/030/050 are boron loaded PE-(U)HMW grades, specifically developed for neutron shielding purposes in nuclear installations and medical applications. The high hydrogen content of PE-(U)HMW makes it...


NEW - Food Grades

Quadrant Food Grade Materials – Certified for applications in contact with Food.
For details on the new directive EU 10/2011please click here!


Chemical Resistance Information