Colasit Extraction Fans

Quadrant Chemplast (Pty) Ltd offers a range of medium and high pressure plastic radial fans from COLASIT used wherever there is a need to extract corrosive or hazardous fumes, vapours or gases i.e. laboratories, learning institutions, factory laboratories, research or pathology laboratories. Other users are: Factory areas producing corrosive fumes emanating from process reactions eg. steel pickling plants; Ventilation of gas or chemicals having a high vapour pressure of corrosive nature eg. chlorine or hydrochloric acid storage and factory areas producing non-hazardous but undesirable odours such as fish canneries and animal rendering plants. Available as direct drive, belt drive or variable speed drive. Please do not hesitate to contact our technical sales staff for assistance in selecting the correct fan for your application.


Laboratories in forensic/learning institutions; Standards verification institutions; Pathology and medical laboratories; General chemical industries; Clean room areas;  Metal cleaning & plating plants; Battery charging stations;  Food & Paper industries; Waste handling plants; Metal refining processes.

  • keyboard_arrow_downSpeed change with constant Fan Size:

    1. Important Note 1: The volume flow changes proportionally to the speed;

    2. Important Note 2: All pressures change to the square of the speed;
    3. Important Note 3: The power requirements at the shaft changes proportionally to the third power of the speed.
  • keyboard_arrow_downChanging the density with the same speed:

    1. Important Note 1:The volume flow is not affected
    2. Important Note 2: The pressure changes perpetually to the density
    3. Important Note 3: The performance requirement at the shaft changes proportionally to the density.