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Literature Library

The following brochures & flyers should allow you to gather a good understanding of our product offering and areas of expertise.
Our team is ready and will be glad to assist you directly in the selection process of the best material for your application requirements - please don't hesitate to contact us

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Global Business Profile
An overview of Quadrant's history, global presence, products and selected application fields.
English     German     French     Italian


Quadrant Delivery Programme

Product Guide for Design Engineers
A comprehensive overview of the complete Quadrant product portfolio of engineering plastics for machining.
Physical property data and product information are reviewed for a range of machinable materials from nylon (PA) up through Duratron CU (PBI).
English      German     French


Quadrant - So Much More than the Broadest Portfolio of Machinable Plastics

A comprehensive overview of our Machining Capabilities & Services
English  -  French  -  German


Quadrant High Performance Plastics for the Aerospace Industry


Ketron ® PEEK Reference Guide, The industry's first NORSOK M-710 certified stock shapes for oil, gas and petrochemical applications


Ertalyte® - Where Material and Solutions Innovation Meet 
English  -   French  German

Fluorosint PTFE Brochure
An overview of the Fluorosint PTFE familiy of advanced fluoropolymer plastics.


Guide Rails for Drive and Conveyor Components
Quadrant's TIVAR UHMW-PE guide rails for drive and conveyor systems.
English     German

Engineering Plastic Solutions for Construction & Heavy Equipment
English     German


NEW - Quadrant Food Grade Materials
Engineering Plastic Stock Shapes for the Food Industry
Compliant to European Union Regulation (EU) 10/2011
English  -   German  -   French

Engineering Plastic Solutions for the Food Processing and Packaging Industry
An overview of Quadrant plastics that meet this segment's requirements for higher temperatures and faster line speeds.
English     German


Metal Detectable Engineering Plastics for the Food Industry

English     German    French


Engineering Plastic Solutions for the Life Science Industry
Performance, biocompatibility, traceability and quality assurance of Quadrant LSG Stock Shapes for Life Sciences.


Engineering Plastic Solutions for Renewable Energy Generation
Quadrant's superior solutions to increase output, reduce costs and maximise productivity and safety in Energy Generation Plants.


NEW - Nylatron® 66 SA FR - DIN EN 45545-2 and UL94 V0 Tested Thermoplastic (PA 66)

TIVAR® CleanStat White - Quadrant’s FDA and ATEX approved
material for applications in pharmaceutical, food processing
& packaging equipment                                                         

English  German  French

Fluorosint® 135      English  -  German
PTFE compound material offering excellent machinability, stability and performance value

Duratron® Application Stories:
                                                      Aeroespacial - Duratron® T4203                     English

                                                       Offshore - Duratron® T7130 PAI                    English
                                                       Chemical - Duratron® T4540 PAI                    English
                                                       Semiconductor - Duratron® T4203 PAI          English
                                                       Food - Duratron® T4501 PAI                            English
                                                       Automotive - Duratron® T4503 PAI                 English

Ertalyte® - Where Material and Solutions Innovation Meet   English   -   German    -   French
A Guide to Quadrant’s PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) Material Grades and Applications

TIVAR® HPV                                                 English   -   French   -   German
UHMW-PE bearing grade for outstanding performance in conveying system


Bulk Material Handling Industry:
                                                          Linings - TIVAR® 88                        English     German
                                                          Linings - TIVAR® BlueLine              English     German
                                                          Linings - TIVAR® H.O.T                  English     German
                                                          Linings - TIVAR® DrySlide              English     German

                                                          System TIVAR® Linings:                 English     German
                                                          Questionnaire                                  French       Polish

Offshore Industry                                                                                 English   -  French

Heavy Equipment Industry: Production Capabilities                           English     German 
                                                 Applications Construction Industry         English     German
                                                 Material Solutions                                    English     German 

Food Processing and Packaging:  Packaging                                      English     German
                                                            Bakery                                            English     German
                                                            Dairy                                               English     German
                                                            Meat                                                English     German
                                                            TIVAR CleanStat                             English     German

Life Science Industry: Pharmaceutical Processing & Packaging   English     German
                                          Dental / Medical                                                English     German
                                          Biotechnology / Laboratory                             English     German
                                          Life Science Grades                                        English     German
                                          Quadrant PPSU LSG Products                      English
                                          Proteus® LSG HS PP Product Flyer             English


Alternative Energy Generation:
PV: Coating | Sputtering | Thin Film             English
                                         PV: Wafer Handling in Laser Scribing         English
                                         PV: Wafer Handling in Etching
                                                & Cleaning | Batch Production              English



Support Data

If you look for Product Handling Information Sheets (PHIS)
please chose the corresponding product at the
Products & Solutions section.


Chemical Resistance Card                                   English


Adhesive Bonding Instructions                           English     German


TIVAR PE-UHMW Selection Table                       English     German



Machinist Handbook                                              English     German 



To further assist you in choosing the correct product for your application, Quadrant Engineering Plastics makes available the following pieces of literature:

Moderate MaterialsEngineering MaterialsAdvanced MaterialsExtreme Materials
TIVAR® 1000Ertalon® 66 SAQuadrant® 1000 PSUDuratron® T4203 PAI
TIVAR® 1000 antistaticErtalon® 6 SAQuadrant® LSG PSUDuratron® T4503 PAI
TIVAR® ECO greenErtalon® 4.6Duratron® PEIDuratron® T4301 PAI
PE 500Ertalon® 66-GF30Quadrant® PPSUDuratron® T4501 PAI
TIVAR® DrySlideErtalon® 6 PLATechtron® PPSDuratron® T5530 PAI
TIVAR® TECHErtalon® 6 XAU+Techtron® HPV PPSDuratron® PI
TIVAR® DSErtalon® LFXKetron® 1000 PEEKDuratron® PBI
TIVAR® Ceram PNylatron® NSMKetron® GF30 PEEK

(30% Glass-Reinforced)

Duratron® D7015 G PI
TIVAR® 88Nylatron® MC 901Ketron® LSG GF30 PEEK
TIVAR® BlueLineNylatron® GSKetron® CA30 PEEK

(30% Carbon Fiber-Reinforced)

TIVAR® SuperPlusNylatron® GSMKetron® LSG CA30 PEEK
TIVAR® BurnguardNylatron® SLG PA6Ketron® LSG PEEK

TIVAR® 1000 ASTLNylatron® 703 XLKetron® HPV PEEK
TIVAR® 1000 ECErtacetal® CKetron® TX PEEK
TIVAR® CleanStatNylatron® GSM BlueFluorosint® 500 PTFE
TIVAR® MDAcetron® MD
TIVAR® CleanStat WhiteAcetron® LSGFluorosint® 207 PTFE
TIVAR® HPVErtalyte® PET-PSemitron® ESd 225
Proteus® LSG HS PPErtalyte® TXSemitron® ESd 410 C
QuickSilver® On-RoadQuadrant® 1000 PCSemitron® ESd 500 HR
DURAPRO™Quadrant® LSG 1000 PCSemitron® ESd 520 HR
TIVAR® ECO black antistaticNylatron® MDSemitron® MDS 100

Nylatron® 66 SA FR
Quadrant® LSG PPSU
Nylatron® 66 SA FST
Ketron® MD PEEK



Video Center

TIVAR® DrySlide in Action

Quadrant TIVAR® Dryslide vs. Polished Mild Steel Surface

QuickSilver® Truck Liners

QuickSilver® high performance dump truck liners are designed to clean-out and clean-up of some of the toughest materials including hot asphalt in the very worst conditions.

TIVAR® 88 Linings in Action

Improves the Productivity & Safety of Hopper, Bin, and Bulk Material Handling Operations. Real "Before" and "After" shot by one of our customers.

Machining Tips - Drilling & Tapping

Maching Quadrant's Advanced Materials : Drilling & Tapping

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