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Certifications and Ordinances

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The European Standard EN 10204 defines different types of inspection documents supplied to customers in accordance with requirements of their orders. This standard is to be used in conjunction with the standards which specify the general technical delivery conditions for the products.

Quadrant EPP is pleased to offer customers the following quality certificates:

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    2.1 Certificate of compliance with the order

      • Document in which the manufacturer certifies that the products supplied are in compliance with the Quality Assurance Specifications and with the Specifications of the order, without mention of any test results.

    2.2 Test report

      • Document in which the manufacturer certifies that the products supplied are in compliance with the Quality Assurance Specifications and with the Specifications of the order and in which he supplies test results.
      • Inspection and testing are carried out by the manufacturer in acc. with his own procedures.
      • The products inspected and tested need not necessarily be the products actually supplied.

    3.1 Inspection certificate

      • Document issued on the basis of inspection and tests carried out according to the technical requirements specified in the order or the official regulations and the corresponding technical rules.
      • The tests shall be carried out, before delivery, on the products supplied. The inspection unit is specified in the product standard, the official regulations and corresponding technical rules or in the order.
      • Document is issued by the department independent of the manufacturing department and validated by an authorized representative of the staff independent of the manufacturing department.
      • An administrative fee of Euro 60 is charged to issue a 3.1 certificate.

Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products is dedicated to stringent quality assurance procedures at both development and production levels. Our quality systems at the different locations have been evaluated, approved and registered as follows:

Quadrant Europe - Site

Belgium - Tielt

BS EN ISO 9001:2008

DS/EN ISO 13485:2016AS9100:2009ISO 14001:2015
Belgium - Tielt - TCBS EN ISO 9001:2008DS/EN ISO 13485:2016AS9100:2009ISO 14001:2015
France - BalanISO 9001:2015AS9100D:2016
Germany - SinsheimISO 13485:2012ISO 9001:2015ISO 50001:2011
ISO 14001:2015
Germany - VredenISO 9001:2015ISO 14001:2015ISO 50001:2011
Italy - Passirana di RhoISO 9001:2008OHSAS 18001:2007ISO 14001:2004
Netherlands - AlmeloISO 9001:2015ISO 14001:2015
United Kingdom - TodmordenISO 9001:2015ISO14001:2015AS9100:2016 (D)
Poland - SieroslawISO 9001:2015
Quadrant Asia
Japan - HiratsukaISO 9001ISO 14001
Quadrant North America
United States - Reading

ISO 9001:2015

Mexico - TolucaISO 9001-2015ISO 14001:2015

Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products is known throughout the industry for our state-of-the-art in-house testing capabilities. We are fully qualified to perform all standard test series, such as ISO / (IEC) and ASTM. Quadrant EPP is committed to providing all the properties and performance testing you need in a timely manner. In addition, we perform many tests customized to individual requirements, including wear and friction, compression and more.

Our test facilities make sure your plastic part or assembly will have the durability, performance and lasting aesthetics that your products need.

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    PropertiesTest MethodsUnitsPrice (€)
    Certificate 3.1: administrative charges60


    ISO 1183



    - Tensile stress at break
    - Tensile stress at yield
    - Tensile strain at break
    - Modulus of elasticity

    ISO 527



    Compression test:
    Compression stress at 1 / 2 / 5 % nom. strain

    ISO 604MPa

    Flexion test:
    - F at 3,5% deformation
    - E-modulus

    ISO 178




    Izod impact strength - notched

    ISO 180 / 1A


    Charpy impact strength - notched

    ISO 179 / 1eA



    Charpy impact strength - unnotched

    ISO 179 / 1eUkJ/m2210

    Ball indentation hardnes

    ISO 2039-1



    Rockwell hardness

    ISO 2039-2


    Hardness Shore A & D

    ISO 868


    DSC-analysis (Tg - Ts)

    ISO 11357


    MFR/MVRISO 1133g/10' or ml/10'120

    Relative viscosity

    ISO 307 (for PA)
    ISO 1628



    Water absorption

    ISO 62


    Dimensional stability

    DIN 16985


    Ash content


    MoS2 content


    Wear resistance


    nm / km


    Temperature of deflection under load
    (method A : 1,8 Mpa)

    ISO 75


    Surface resistivity----150

    Monomer content

    DIN 53738

    %upon request

    FT - IR

    ----upon request
    Ultrasonic test rodhigh sensitive ultrasonic testing--100€ + 1€ per meter length of rod
    Ultrasonic test platehigh sensitive ultrasonic testing--100€ + 12€ per meter length of plate 610 mm
    100€ + 20€ per meter length of plate 1000 mm
    Ultrasonic test AEP CM tubehigh sensitive ultrasonic testing--100€ + 40€ per tube
    Price list effective as of August 1st 2016