Dip & Sparge Pipes

For universal corrosion resistance, KEYLON® PTFE DIP AND SPARGE PIPES are designed to introduce gas and fluids into reactor vessels, columns and storage tanks. These dip pipes manufactured by  Quadrant Chemplast (Pty) Ltd offer a more robust alternative to other materials. Quadrant Chemplast (Pty) Ltd custom designs your dip pipe to match your piping requirements and process conditions.  Quadrant Chemplast (Pty) Ltd uses no etching technology with adhesive layers, but fuses the KEYLON® PTFE at the bottom with advanced thermal equipment, resulting in a homogenous weld.

Dip Pipes are designed to introduce added liquids into reactor vessels under controlled conditions. Invariably, these are corrosive fluids. Thus the selection of steel PTFE lined inside and outside dip pipes, in terms of mechanical rigidity and corrosive resistance, are the ideal selection.

Sparge pipes are similarly designed to introduce gaseous streams into reactor vessels.

Sizes:             1"-16": (25 NB - 400 NB)
                         Special sizes available on request.

                         Contact our technical sales staff for assistance.


Dip and sparge pipes are typically used in chemical manufacture and precious metal refining processes.