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You inspire... we materialize®

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Prêmio Quadrant 2015


Quadrant concederá pela 6a vez o cobiçado Prêmio Internacional de Excelência Acadêmica no campo de «Materiais e processos relacionados a plásticos e compósitos de engenharia e de alto desempenho», no dia 30 de janeiro de 2015. A...

Apresentação do Prêmio Quadrant 2013


A Quadrant, uma empresa líder global na fabricação de termoplásticos e compósitos de alto desempenho, concedeu pela quinta vez o disputado "Prêmio Quadrant" internacional na sexta-feira, 25 de janeiro. A convocação...

Quadrant Award 2013


Quadrant will confer for the 5th time the coveted International Award for Academic Excellence in the field of "Materials and processes related to engineering and high-performance plastics and composites" on January 25,...

Sheets and plates production technology upgraded to further improve material behaviour


Lenzburg, Switzerland – April 4, 2012 - A common issue of polymer plates is internal stress. Internal stress can cause the material to deform and hinder machining of parts which require even and smooth surfaces. In some cases, if...

Quadrant – Already a winner of the London Olympics 2012


As the countdown to the start of the London 2012 Olympic Games continues, Quadrant is already a proud winner: we were chosen to manufacture and supply the deck pool grating for the Olympics Aquatics Centre.

Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products Launches Nylatron® WP for Wear Pad Grade Applications


Quadrant Nylatron® WP created for economical option of super wear resistant, low friction and stress-free wear pad grade applications.

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