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TIVAR® UHMW-PE Family of Products

For superior wear resistance and part life in wet and dry environments:

  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • No moisture absorption
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Excellent noise abatement
  • Excellent impact strength
  • Maintains key physical properties to -30° C

TIVAR 1000

Meets FDA, USDA and 3A Dairy Sanitation guidelines for food processing and handling, making it the material of choice for tough food handling problems. Because TIVAR® 1000 UHMW-PE is resistant to chemical attack, it stands up to repeated wash downs ...

TIVAR® 88, TIVAR® 88-2 and TIVAR® 88 with BurnGuard

Excellent abrasion and chemical resistance help make TIVAR® 88 UHMW-PE the longest wearing liner available. The low coefficient of friction promotes continuous, reliable flow of the stickiest bulk material eliminating araching, ratholing and erratic...

TIVAR DrySlide

Modified with special lubricants, TIVAR® DrySlide has the lowest coefficient of friction of any of the TIVAR® products.

TIVAR® UV Resistant

Provides enhanced stability for outdoor applications. TIVAR® UV Resistant UHMW-PE retains all the key properties of TIVAR® 1000 UHMW-PE and prevents premature degradation of the materials under continuous UV exposure.

TIVAR® ESd (Electro Static Dissipative), TIVAR® EC (Electrically Conductive) & TIVAR® CleanStat

Protects against electrical charge build-up on wear surfaces. TIVAR® ESd UHMW-PE is the ideal material to use when potentially volatile conditions exist in grain handling or munitions plants. It also protects expensive robotic an conveyor equipment...

TIVAR® Oil-Filled

Provides lower coefficient of friction by introducing a wet lubricant that exudes from the material adding lubrication to mating parts while still meeting FDA/USDA guidelines for food processing and handling applications

TIVAR® Ceram P®

A unique combination of virgin material and premium additives which makes I the material of choice for severe sliding abrasion applications. It’s higher tensile strength and wear resistance increase part life and reduce maintenance downtime.

TIVAR® H.O.T. (Higher Operating Temperature)

Excels in a variety of industrial manufacturing environments where temperatures reach up to 275° F. TIVAR® H.O.T. UHMW-PE reduces oxidation rate at higher temperatures, slows degradation and extends wear life in chemical, elevated temperature and th...

TIVAR® DockGuard

Provides dock fender facing that outlasts other materials such as wood, rubber, urethane or high density polyethylene. The ideal material for marine fender systems, TIVAR® DockGuard allows vessels to glide easily along its surface without marring hul...

TIVAR PolySteel

Specially formulated to create a magnetically detectable polymer material that can be separated from wood pulp in solution which greatly reduces or eliminates plastic contamination in paper mill wood yards.

Case Studies

Blended Coal

Drop-in TIVAR® 88-2 liners solve coal bunker flow problems at coke plant.


Lignite Coal

TIVAR® 88-2 liners improve bottom dump railcar operating efficiency.


Crushed Stone

TIVAR® railcar end wall liners enhance aggregate flow and reduce costs.



Major cement plant solves limestone flow problem with TIVAR® 88.


Sub-Bituminous Coal

TIVAR® 88-2 liners eliminate flyash build-up in wet precipitator system.

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Video Center

QuickSilver® Truck Liners

QuickSilver® high performance dump truck liners are designed to clean-out and clean-up of some of the toughest materials including hot asphalt in the very worst conditions.

TIVAR® 88 Linings in Action

Improves the Productivity & Safety of Hopper, Bin, and Bulk Material Handling Operations. Real "Before" and "After" shot by one of our customers.

TIVAR® Dryslide in Action

Quadrant TIVAR® Dryslide vs. Polished Mild Steel Surface

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