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Advanced Materials (325 - 425 °F)

Quadrant® PSU 1000

PSU 1000 Polysulfone (PSU) is an amber semi-transparent, heat-resistant, high performance engineering thermoplastic. It offers excellent mechanical, electrical and improved chemical resistance properties relative to polycarbonate. Polysulfone's prope...

Duratron® PEI

Duratron U1000 PEI is an amorphous polymer offering high strength and excellent flame and heat resistance. It performs continuously to 340°F (170°C), making it ideal for high strength/ high heat applications, and those requiring consistent dielectric...

Quadrant® PPSU

Quadrant® PPSU polyphenylsulfone (PPSU) is an amorphous high performance thermoplastic offering better impact resistance and chemical resistance than polysulfone and polyetherimide (Duratron® PEI) as with Figures 15 and 16.

Techtron® PPS

PPS (polyphenylene sulfide) products offer the broadest resistance to chemicals of any advanced engineering plastic. They have no known solvents below 392°F (200°C) and offer inertness to steam, strong bases, fuels and acids. Minimal moisture absorpt...

Ketron® PEEK

Ketron® PEEK grades offer chemical and hydrolysis resistance similar to PPS, but can operate at higher temperatures. PEEK 1000 offers steam and wear resistance, while carbon-reinforced PEEK provides excellent wear capabilities. Our latest grade, PEEK...

Fluorosint® Enhanced PTFE

Fluorosint enhanced PTFE’s unique properties are the result of a proprietary process in which synthetically manufactured mica is chemically linked to virgin PTFE. This bonding results in properties not normally attainable in reinforced PTFE. Fluorosi...

Semitron® Semiconductor Grade Products

The Semitron® Semiconductor Grade products were developed to help designers and users optimize the performance of device manufacturing equipment. In addition to device manufacture, many of these materials are ideal for specific environments where we...

Semitron® MPR1000

Semitron® MPR1000 is a new engineering material developed for Semiconductor applications and more specifically for use in vacuum chamber applications such as these found in Etch, CVD and Ion Implant.

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