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Quadrant Delivers Medal-worthy Innovations for 2014 Royal Commonwealth Games and London 2012 Olympic Park Aquatics Centre


Quadrant’s multi-flow grating, designed to maximize the return rate of water for the unique design and construction of each pool.

Lenzburg, Switzerland – August 20, 2012 - Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products (EPP) is riding on a wave of medal-worthy achievements, as it celebrates its part in the success of the 2012 Summer Olympics and in the forthcoming 2014 Royal Commonwealth Games in Scotland.

Chosen to design, manufacture and supply the deck pool grating & channel rail system for the three major pools and circular plunge pool at the London 2012 Olympic Park Aquatics Centre, Quadrant has also been awarded the contract for the development and manufacture of the innovative new pool deck grating used at The Royal Commonwealth Pool in Edinburgh. The venue will host the diving events for the Glasgow 2014 Royal Commonwealth Games. The grating provides the cover for the front end of the filtration system and substantially increases the return rate of water in all three major competition swimming pools.

Unlike the new build completed for the 2012 Summer Olympics, the Royal Commonwealth pools have been refurbished, presenting a different set of challenges for the Quadrant UK team to overcome.

The team developed custom multi-flow channel and rail grating designed to maximize the return rate of water for the unique design and construction of each pool. The overall dimension of the grating was slightly smaller than that of the Olympic pools, so the grating format was incorporated to cope with the flow of water back into the filtration system.

Polyethylene (PE) was chosen for the parts because of its strength, good chemical and corrosion resistance, and the fact that is hygienic and easy to clean. Suitable for creating solid corner and angled sections, Quadrant was able to customize the parts according to the project’s requirements. Ease of installation and removal were also important considerations for the customer.

The grating is visible around all three major competition pools adding appearance as an important design element in addition to strength and durability.

Stefan Willing, Commercial Director Quadrant EPP Europe, comments: “The multi-flow grating is an excellent product. The material has an extremely low moisture absorption rate and as a result will not swell or de-laminate. It is strong and keeps its “new look” for years to come. For both the Aquatics Centre and Royal Commonwealth Pool, the team worked closely with all parties involved to help give the end client a spectacular and impressive venue. We were all excited to see our work in place at the Olympic Park Aquatics Centre and are proud to be involved in the next Commonwealth Games.”

Winning the contract for the Royal Commonwealth pools marks the second prestigious leisure industry-related project for the company and further establishes Quadrant's growing reputation as the authority in solving complex issues relating to the design, development and manufacturing of polymer solutions for various sectors of this industry, in addition to the many demanding markets using Quadrant products.

The £37m refurbishment program included the complete reconstruction of the largest and longest swimming pool in Edinburgh with an eight lane 50 meter pool, 25 meter dive pool & 25 meter training and warm up pool. The pools were used by the British Swimming squad for training in July 2012, ahead of the London Olympics. Originally opened in January 1970 by Princess Anne, the venue has already hosted two Commonwealth Games. It was closed for major refurbishment in June 2009, and officially reopened by former Olympic swimming champion David Wilkie in April 2012.

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