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Material Flow Challenges Solved at COAL-GEN 2015 by Quadrant’s TIVAR® 88 Liners


Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products (EPP), the leading global manufacturer of high-performance thermoplastic materials, visits the COAL-GEN 2015 conference this December to showcase TIVAR® 88—polymeric lining solutions...

Quadrant EPP presents high performance wear materials at Agritechnica 2015


Quadrant EPP, Hall 15 stand E33, Agritechnica 2015, Hanover, Germany Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products, the world’s leading manufacturer of semi-finished engineering plastic materials, showcases its broad portfolio of...

AGRU Kunststofftechnik GmbH enters into agreement with Quadrant EPP AG to purchase its fluoropolymer product related assets.


AGRU Austria has agreed to purchase the fluoropolymer production assets from Quadrant EPP AG for a non-disclosed amount. With this acquisition, AGRU will further strengthen its global leading position in the fluoropolymer...

Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products Presents Its Latest Aerospace Innovations At Aero Engineering Show 2015


Hall 5, Stand D12, Aero Engineering Show 2015, 4-5 November 2015, Birmingham, United Kingdom

QAADS is Hot New Event for Thermoplastics in Aviation, Aerospace, and Defense


Quadrant's Aviation, Aerospace & Defense Symposium (QAADS) is a new, one-day event forengineers being held November 5, 2015 in Orlando. The symposium will deliver actionablestrategies from experts in high-strength,...

One Central European Service Center


Quadrant EPP will implement One Central European Service Center as of January 1, 2016

Enabling IC Miniaturization: Global Plastics Leader Quadrant EPP Brings Innovative Solutions to Semicon West 2015


The Semiconductor industry continues to test Moore’s Law—the observation made in 1965 by Gordon Moore (co-founder of Intel) that the number of transistors per square inch on integrated circuits had doubled every year since the...