MediTECH / Medical Solutions by Quadrant

Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products supplies semi-finished materials for the Life Science sector, for applications in  the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, orthopaedics, analytical and dental industry. In addition, product development and clinical follow-up for the bearing materials in joint replacement have been enjoying high priority in the last decade. Quadrant's implant materials Chirulen® and ExtrulenTM are the market leading products for use in today’s highly cross-linked Polyethylenes (XL-PEs) used for modern joint replacements in hip, knee, shoulder and spine. 

Our customers save costs and time at certification and regulatory approvals due to full traceability of our materials as well as biocompatibility according to USP and ISO 10993-1 guidelines. Through compression and injection moulding techniques at clean room quality Quadrant offers solutions from single to series production.