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Quadrant is constantly looking for innovative applications for its high-grade lightweight materials. Our environment-friendly thermoplastic composite materials can be used as panels or three-dimensional moldings and are already replacing steel, aluminum, plywood, HDF and MDF board, and fiberboard in many applications. Our plastic composites often facilitate a particularly cost-efficient solution – especially when panel products are employed without further thermal shaping processes. Provided with various functional or decorative cover layers, these composites are suitable for endless fields of application that require a long service life on exposure to extreme stressing.

In close cooperation with the market leaders in many different segments, our team of materials specialists is therefore constantly developing solutions for new fields of application. Our experienced teams in Europe, North America and Asia support the planning, simulation, preliminary tests, prototyping and the practical realization of the latest technologies during product implementation. This comprehensive, unique technical support is one of our strengths and explains our successful expansion into new markets.

Our high-performance materials, whose dimensions and execution are tailored precisely to the customer’s needs, are already successfully demonstrating their positive features in a wide range of applications.



  • Moisture resistance
  • Weight savings
  • Low thermal expansion
  • Sound absorbent

Fields of application for MultiQ DecoLine

  • Replaces wood-based panels (HDF and MDF) as the core material in laminate flooring and walls
  • Can be combined with a wide range of decorative and functional surfaces (high-pressure laminates, directly coated laminates, protective film, PVC, carpeting, cork)